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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, or are simply curious, here you will find the answers to your questions concerning MobiPro.GR. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Is it possible to work with one or more students outside the context of a traineeship?

Absolutely! It is possible to work on projects without taking full-time trainees. For example, this may be a thesis, a project supervised by a tutor, or specific research, depending on the possibilities offered by the institutions of higher education.

What should be done if the students selected decide not to complete the project?

An agreement is signed at the start of the traineeship in order to explain these special cases.

Do I have to speak French or German?

It is not obligatory to speak French or German in order to participate. Basic knowledge is welcome but is not obligatory. If the project requires particular language skills, this needs to be specified in the offer.

What is the level of studies of the students hosted?

All the students are completing higher studies ranging from the 3rd to 7th (or higher) years of tertiary education (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, engineering degree, etc.)

How long can the traineeship be?

There is no “standard” duration for a traineeship with MobiPro.GR. However, a traineeship may not exceed 6 months. If the project is longer, working with several students may be envisaged.

How is the recruiting for a traineeship carried out?

The MobiPro.GR team provides support in looking for trainees, but the enterprise is free to choose the students and the profiles that best suit its project.

A traineeship offer (for a project) is proposed to the students who can then lodge applications for it. The applicants are proposed to the enterprise, which validates one or more applications. A traineeship agreement is then signed.

How is management of the students foreseen? Who is my contact in the case of questions or problems?

For the mandatory traineeships, theses and projects supervised by a tutor, each student has a professor or a tutor from his or her institution of origin to manage them. The MobiPro.GR team may also provide support for managing students in traineeships, particularly as far as the administrative aspects are concerned.

Should there be any questions, the MobiPro.GR team or the student’s institution of origin are available.

What is the cost of hosting several students in my enterprise?

If he or she forms part of a bi-national pair, the learner who crosses the border will be able to receive a grant from the MobiPro.GR project. His or her costs will not therefore be borne by the enterprise.

The learner that does not cross a border will be paid according to the laws in force in the country where the enterprise is located.

Are there administrative steps to be carried out (for example, drawing up reports)?

Few administrative steps are foreseen in order to facilitate the development of the project and support for the students.

So in order to develop its project with MobiPro.GR, you will only need to:

  • Be able to provide a summary presentation of your project. Documents for the presentation of the project and the design of the traineeship offer shall be proposed by MobiPro.GR,
  • Sign the traineeship agreements with the students,
  • Report on the project’s state of progress to a MobiPro.GR project manager. This monitoring may be done via telephone; no written report is required.

Why take two students of different nationalities?

Agreeing to take two learners of two different nationalities to work on a project enables the following (for example):

  • Visions and work methods to be compared,
  • The academic skills of another country to be acquired,
  • New ways of working to be understood, etc.

Why should I be active in the cross-border field?

The Greater Region provides the opportunity to be able to work with its European neighbours. By way of examples, this opportunity enables the following:

  • Good practices to be exchanged and new working methods to be applied,
  • New know-how to be acquired,
  • Other markets in other countries to be conquered,
  • New products to be discovered,
  • An international network to be developed, etc.

What can MobiPro.GR provide me with?

MobiPro.GR can help innovative new projects be developed in a number of fields. The skills are provided by students from the Greater Region (France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium).

Do I have to have a car in order to apply for the offers?

For certain offers, that may be important, however it is not obligatory. Indeed, certain offers propose home office work, which consequently does not involve a requirement for regular travel. The (add link) platform enables jointly working from your home or your institution of origin. Certain locations are also easy to access via train or public transport if need be.

Can I benefit from housing abroad as a participant in MobiPro.GR?

MobiPro.GR does not organise accommodation abroad. If need be, contacts could be passed on in order to support learners with these steps. Financial assistance for accommodation and travel may be granted under the framework of the MobiPro.GR grant.

Are there possibilities of being hired after the traineeship?

Depending on the needs of the enterprise and the success of the project, prospects of being hired may be envisaged. However, this is not guaranteed by MobiPro.GR.

What should be done if the enterprise or the student brings an end to their traineeship?

An agreement is signed at the start of the traineeship in order to explain these specific cases.

Can you work in your home office during the traineeship?

If the enterprise agrees to this, it is possible to work in your home office during the traineeship.

What are the traineeship periods?

That depends on the needs of the enterprises and the traineeship periods of the various institutions. The traineeship may therefore be carried out at any time of the year but may not however exceed 6 months.

Are the traineeship proposals necessarily full-time?

The traineeship proposals are not necessarily full-time. This can be adjusted and adapted depending on the needs of the enterprise. For example, for certain projects, continuing with studies at the same time is envisaged.

Do I receive financial support from the enterprise that hosts me?

If the traineeship is carried out in France, a grant is mandatory after the first two months of the traineeship.

If the traineeship is carried out in another country (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg) in tandem with a learner of another nationality, financial aid may be granted by the MobiPro.GR project.

Will I be paid for the work carried out in an enterprise?

Under the framework of a traineeship at an enterprise, it is possible to claim a traineeship grant. For students carrying out their traineeship in a country other than the one where their institution of origin is located, in tandem with a learner of another nationality, a grant may be approved. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Do I have to speak German and/or French perfectly?

It is not obligatory to speak German or French perfectly in order to take part. Basic knowledge is welcome but is not obligatory. Certain projects may require special language knowledge but this is specified in the offers.

May I participate in MobiPro.GR at any time during my studies?

MobiPro.GR is open to any student in the Greater Region with 2 to 6 years of tertiary education (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, engineering degree, etc.). Depending on the projects proposed, it is possible to participate at any time in your studies both for an end-of-studies traineeship, a thesis, university work, etc.

Will a traineeship carried out abroad be recognised under the framework of my studies?

A traineeship abroad will of course be recognised under the framework of your studies by your institution of origin. To guarantee the smooth running of the traineeship, an agreement will be signed with the enterprise.

Will the work carried out under the framework of MobiPro.GR be recognised and validated under the framework of my national training?

As a matter of fact, any work carried out under the framework of MobiPro.GR (traineeship, thesis, etc.) will be validated and recognised by its institution of origin. A specific certificate for proving your participation in a cross-border project may be obtained.

What are the fields in which I can take a traineeship?

The fields and syllabuses may be very different, ranging from economic sciences to information technology, and including energy, sustainable development or even management. All syllabuses and fields may be concerned, depending on the projects of the various enterprises.

Who can participate in the project?

All students with two years to six years of tertiary education and who are enrolled in an institution of higher education located within the Greater Region can participate in MobiPro.GR

How may I participate in the project?

It is possible to participate in MobiPro.GR during your studies by completing a traineeship, by writing a dissertation, doing a project under a tutor’s supervision, etc. For further information, consult the “I want to participate” page.