I want to participate

To join the MobiPro.GR project

Are you interested in MobiPro.GR and do you want to participate in this project? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a student, there are various possibilities for getting involved!

I am an entrepreneur

I have an innovative project idea

I am looking for one or more trainees

I want to expand my network within the Greater Region

  • I will consult the MobiPro.GR events agenda
  • If I want to participate in shows within the Greater Region as an exhibitor, I will contact the project’s partners.
  • I will participate in the information meetings organised by ISEETECH, particularly with my professional federation or my local enterprises club.

I am a student

I am seeking a traineeship or a project

  • I will consult the traineeships or project exchange
  • If an offer interests me, I will forward my application.
  • I will make contact with the project’s partners
  • I will sign a traineeship agreement with the enterprise and, where applicable, with the training institution concerned and/or ISEETECH.
  • If I cross a border for this traineeship and I am working in tandem with another learner, I will apply for a MobiPro.GR grant.
  • I will validate my traineeship in accordance with the rules in force in my institution of origin (traineeship report or not, etc.)

I am looking for a student partner in order to work on a project

I want to meet with enterprises within the Greater Region