Cross-border virtual mobility

To develop a virtual tool for cross-border professional mobility.

This action consists of developing a virtual tool for cross-border professional mobility (with virtual mobility announcing physical mobility, which it will never be able to replace), with this tool being of a three-fold nature:

  • A Website for informing learners and students, enterprises, institutions generally, the staff of partner organisations, and the general public.
  • A grant for cross-border enterprises projects to enable learners and enterprises to meet each other thanks to proposals for university projects and traineeships (for students) and requests for traineeships and for projects (for enterprises).
  • An on-line collaborative platform, designed to be a space for exchanges that is accessible to the staff and learners from partner organisations as well as to the enterprises hosting one or more of the learners under the framework of a cross-border traineeship. “Project-capsules” that are absolutely secure and offer a common “Outlook”, a space for sharing data, Skype and other collaborative working tools will be made available.