The objective

Develop the cross-border mobility

The objective of the MobiPro.GR project is to facilitate and develop the cross-border professional mobility of learners, particularly through training courses and projects in the field of applied sciences and innovative technologies, by relying on enterprises in the Greater Region (VSEs/SMEs/SMIs).

Moreover, under the framework of this project, the partners will work on increased consultation between training organisations, learners and the economic sector, as well as on increasing the professional and intercultural skills of the people in question.

To do this, MobiPro.GR will rely on various actions, such as the creation of cross-border project committees, a site, and a collaborative platform on-line. Training actions, and support, preparation and awareness-raising measures regarding cross-border professional mobility will also be proposed and shall prompt the emergence of an innovative concept consisting of ensuring working on the same university project (possibly combined with a cross-border training course), in pairs and in groups involving learners of different nationalities.