European Higher Institute for Enterprise and Enterprise Techniques (ISEETECH)

ISEETECH was created in 2007 in the form of a non-profit association. Its head office is located in Metz.

Under the framework of the preparatory work for the 2007-2013 State-Region Plan Contract, the association’s vocation was to bring together higher education institutions in the Moselle in order to support enterprises with their innovation approaches.

Historically, ISEETECH relies on two main arrangements, namely:

  • Technology platforms dedicated to research, development and innovation
  • The Projects Committee, enabling SMEs/SMIs to be supported with their innovation projects.

Nowadays, the association tackles new themes devoted in particular to Higher Education and Health and which are recognised as being of public interest: for example, the Autonomy Institute.

Among its members, ISEETECH has local bodies, consular organisations EPCIs (Public-Sector Establishment for Co-operation between Boroughs), the University of Lorraine, major engineering schools, and transfer centres, with the economic sector also being represented. All its members contribute to promoting a research policy devoted to applications and markets.